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If you have been sitting on losses since the market went down in December and January , here's your chance to discover a proven formula for... 

“Making Winning Trades Even In Today's Volatile Market!

In fact, our community of traders has been getting consistent winning trades over the last few weeks even when the market goes down. Join us for our FREE online workshop to discover exactly how you can do the same! 

Stay all the way to the end, & you'll get:

  • My "Trading for Beginners" course with 20+ videos to show you how to get your first winning trade (Worth $297)


  • Our bestselling 138+ page "Trading Secrets" book to help you profit from the market as early as next week!

....completely FREE!

Just some of the winning trades in December 2021 and January 2022 (more details in the videos below!)

"Made Consistent Profits For The Last 3 Months... Very Happy With The Results!"

"Made One Of My Biggest Trades Yet... Despite The Uncertainty In The Market! I'm More Confident To Trade Now"

"Made My First Winning Trade In My First Week... Feels Amazing!"

More Results From Our Community Of Traders! 

"I'm now getting returns even though I'm a newbie with a small account!"
- Jolyn Cham -

"Made my first trade after a few days. Thanks Thomas!"
- Raymond Low -

"Got my first returns before I even completed the course!"
- Jess (Lee Fong)-

Most Traders Don't Realize...
It's Even Easier to Find Winning Trades In A Volatile Market!

In fact, my students and I have been making more winning traders than ever in the past 2 months!

Yes, we got returns even when the market went down in December 2021,

And much more when they rebounded up in January. 

Our Telegram support channel was flooded with wins traders in my community made!

Like Richard Kwong, who got returns from AMD while it was moving up and down!

He got in when it rose a little, then collected his returns and left right before it dropped again. 

Or Hock Guan, who gained from Duke Energy right before it went down the very next day!

Notice how he benefitted from the stock,

While avoiding the huge drop on the far right of the graph (which caught many traders by surprise and gave back all the gains they collected!)

It's not just the "uptrend" stocks that gave us returns....

We got good gains from stocks that were in a downtrend, too!

This stock, Lyft, had been going down for weeks

Yet my students spotted a rare window to enter using our proprietory signal,

And exited the trade a few days later on 23rd December with significant gains!

So it doesn't really matter where the stock is going...

If it goes up, we get returns.

If it goes down, we get returns too! much more when it rises again, because most traders aren't trading them and they're signifcantly cheaper!

Either way, we still win. 

That's why it's easier to find grow our wealth when the market is volatile like right now. 

In short, now is the best time to trade!

All you need to do is enter and exit stocks at the right time.

You can do this effortlessly and accurately in just a few clicks with our proprietary software, without 

...reading stacks of company reports,
...following the news everyday,
...or staring at charts for hours!

Because it analyses stocks for you to find those that are about to shoot or drop,

And shows us the exact points to buy and sell with eerie accuracy!

I'll show you how it works at my upcoming workshop.

And share how you can use this same software for FREE!

You'll be able to use these same strategies to make winning trades  in no time! 

In Just 2 Hours, You'll Discover How To...

Start Trading This Volatile Market As Soon As Next Week... Even If You Never Bought A Stock Before!

We'll show you how to easily pick the best stocks, enter at the right time, and exit at the point that gives maximum returns. This whole process takes 5 minutes or less!

Double Your Small Account In Less Time!

You can start with as little as $3,000 and a portfolio you can retire with... Even if you're a complete newbie!

Get Above-Average Returns And More Even When The Market Is Down! 

The Trade to Win formula sniffs out stocks to trade, even when stocks are dropping. In fact, we make even more returns during this time! That's why 2020 and 2021 were the best years for us so far.

Limit Your Losses So You Loses
As Little As $50 Per Trade

See how I pick trades with an extremely low chance of going down (especially useful for conservative traders) while keeping any losses to a very tiny amount!

Spot The Best Trades In The Markets  In Just 3 Clicks

We use a tool that analyses stocks for us and shows us those that are about to go up ot  or fall... in just 2 minutes!

Became A Full Time Trader In 3 Years Or Less!

See how you can get returns over and over again from the market... throughout the year!

My Promise To You

You'll be discovering the exact formula that have helped my students winning trades every year since 2014!  I’ll be showing you the exact strategies and trades they take to see above average returns! You'll be able to use these same strategies to make your first winning trade in no time! 

My "Trading Secrets for Beginners" course (Worth $297)

Everything you need to know about trading in one place - even if you don't know a thing about the stock market!

In this Beginner Course, you'll find 20+ videos I specially recorded in February 2022 to show you how to get your first winning trade

Even when the market is swinging up and down!

You'll discover:

  • How to start trading even if you don’t have a trading account and never bought a stock in your life before!
  • How to easily find trading opportunities in today's volatile markets… with a few clicks of a button!
  • How to find the right price to buy and sell without spending hours analyzing the charts or using dozens of indicators!
  • And much, much more!

Most trainers charge ridiculous amounts for such content, 

But you'll get it for FREE if you stay till the end of the workshop. It's my way of rewarding your commitment to pick up trading. 

You'll soon be on your way to making winning trades!

Our Bestselling “Trading Secrets” Book (Worth $48)

You don't have to spend years knocking your head, making big mistakes and losing lots of capital

Because I already did that for you!

After trading the market for nearly 20 years, I've put all the lessons, shortcuts and strategies that actually work into this 100+ page book.

This is the book I wished I read when I first started trading! 

You can get it for USD 48 on Amazon,

Or get it FREE when you attend my workshop all the way till the end!

Here's Just A Short Preview Of What You'll Discover In The Book! 

3 techniques to find high probability winning trades, even if you've never traded before!

..before the trades start to move! Believe it or not, none of the techniques involved following the news or reading the charts! See how it works on page 59.

See overall wins even when you lose many trades.

This will give you an unfair advantage you need in the markets over other traders (even seasoned ones!), even when it's going down. (more on Page 81)

How to go from stock beginner to running a successful trading business in no time!

Trading is the most lucrative business in the world. The only problem is that many traders are running their "business'" all wrong. Discover the right way to run your business today! (page 78) 

How to think and trade like a full time retail trader, even if you have no experience!

I'll pull aside the curtain and show you how my students and I plan my trades and make decisions. (Page 102)

138+ Page Trading Secrets Book (Worth $47)

For those that attend my workshop all the way till the end,

You'll receive my 138+ page bestselling "Trading Secrets" book for FREE in your email!

The book will reveal how you can go from knowing nothing about trading to becoming a full time trader.

I'll show you exactly how you can make your first winning trade and do it consistently month after month, week after week! 

This book is sold for $48 on Amazon, but for a very limited time, you can get it absolutely FREE! 

Brand New “Trading Secrets” Course
(Worth $447)

You''ll also get my never-been-released "Trading Secrets" course for FREE! 

The 20+ videos will cover everything you need to know to get started - from opening your first trading account and making your first trade! 

Along with what I'll be covering in the workshop, you'll learn strategies you can apply immediately into your trading to see winning returns in no time! 

Here's What You'll Discover In This FREE Course & Book...

How to start trading even if you don't have a trading account and never bought a stock before! 

We'll hold you by the hand and walk you through every step to help you get started!

How to easily find trading opportunities in the markets... with a few clicks of a button!

You'll not believe how easy it is to find winning trades... especially in a volatile market! 

How to find the right price to buy and sell... Without spending hours analyzing the charts or using a dozen indicators 

I'll show you exactly what I'll do if I want to find out when to buy and sell

And these is less than 10% of what you'll discover in the free course and book!  

If you don't miss out, click on the "Sign Up" button right now!

What New Traders Have Shared About The
"Trade to Win" Formula! 

"Easy to pick up & understand!"

"I can trade with  confidence & peace-of-mind now"

"Newbies won't regret it! A No-BS way to trade"

"Simple and easy for newbies like me to follow!"

"Finally managed to make a few trades this month!"

"Beginners can now trade stocks without studying the fundamentals!"

Meet Your Trainer

Thomas Yin


  • Author of the bestselling "Trading Secrets" book
  • Founder of Winning Trader.
  • Trained analysts, fund managers, brokers and working professionals from more than 7 countries across Asia. 
  • Made over 50% annual returns on his public portfolio in a 3-year trading challenge
  • In his upcoming workshop, he reveals his trading methodology that took him from losses to making consistent returns right now!


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